@amellywood: Going to miss #Arrow tonight in favor of slamming several unsavoury individuals through tables in defense of my beautiful blonde partner.

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PerezHilton: And a surprise appearance by @darrencriss for a duet at the #ingridmichaelson show!! Such an exquisite song!!! Their harmonizing have me life!!!!!

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#nOOoooooo #why do you do this shit #i love you #making this a ringtone or some shit idfk man

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And whatever you do - don’t you dare miss me.

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"I’m an adult, but not like a real adult"
— anyone between the ages of 18 and 25 (via prettyboystyles)
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"harry james potter," harry said, "you were named after the bravest man i ever knew. it was me. i’m awesome." [x]

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enough about sex positions has anyone discovered a reading position which doesn’t get uncomfortable after 5 minutes

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#Darren Criss #what a hot hobo (dontworryyoucanfly)

#i’m sorry but hot hippie hobo Darren is my favorite Darren #he’s all scruffy and magnificent #i mean look at this adorable patchouli-scented fucker
- as always the-cimmerians tags are perfect




- as always the-cimmerians tags are perfect

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